Henry Schwaller & Associates


In 1945, Henry Schwaller returned to Hays after serving in the military.   Housing was difficult to find, so he and his wife moved into and managed a small apartment building near Fort Hays State.  He soon realized that he enjoyed the rental business and purchased a few residential and commercial properties.  

Henry’s primary business was a family-owned lumberyard, but he saw the opportunity to sell more lumber by encouraging new housing development.  So in 1959, Henry bought over 150 acres of farm ground east of Vine Street and began building the first shopping center in Hays, as well as new residential area.   Part of this development included some of the first modern, suburban-style rentals – such as duplexes, smaller apartment buildings – in Hays.

The 1970s-1980s saw the greatest growth in Henry Schwaller and Associates, Inc.’s history, with the acquisition of manufactured home communities and single family houses, and the construction of additional apartments and townhomes.

Today, Henry Schwaller and Associates, Inc. continues to manage its portfolio of residential and commercial properties with a focus on providing good quality at an affordable price.   The company’s target market includes graduate students, young professionals, and retirees, and to meet the needs of this market, its properties are located in quiet, established neighborhoods east of Vine Street.

We take great pride in our history – and we look forward to having you as our Tenant and serving you in the future.

Henry Schwaller & Associates